THIS IS ME Day at Castlewood is Monday, Feb. 12th!

THIS IS ME DAY is a Kindness Committee spirit day.

It is a kick-off to Respect for All Week AND day to celebrate our differences and unique qualities!

To participate, make a shirt that tells about who you are. You can include your hobbies, talents, interests, background… whatever YOU choose! Wear your shirt to school on Monday, Feb. 12th.

On this day, make time to read other people’s shirts so that you can learn more about them, and let them read your shirt so that they can learn more about you! You may even find you have something in common with someone in your class, or grade, or bus that you don’t really talk to. When you get to know someone on the inside, you care less about what he/she may look like on the outside.

 No matter what we look like, we should be proud to say, This is ME!

There isn’t anyone else in this whole world that is exactly like you, and that is awesome.

KC members will perform the song “This is Me” in the auditorium during morning announcements. We can’t wait!


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