Student Illness Policy

As the season of the flu and a myriad of other viruses is upon us, we wanted to reach out with a reminder that if your child is sick (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, strep throat), he or she must stay home 24 hours after the last symptom occurred.  In the case of fever, it must have broken at least 24 hours prior to returning to school. Please do not medicate your feverish child in the evening before or morning of their return to the classroom. More often than not, at some point during the school day, the fever will return, and your child will be sent home by the school nurse.

We are aware that we cannot completely stop the spread of germs or illness, but by keeping our sick children at home, we may at least “stem the tide” of shared illnesses in the classrooms.  Additionally, we want all of our students to be well enough to participate in classwork and activities. If a child is unwell, they are not able to participate to their fullest potential. Please afford them the time to rest and recuperate that they may need.

Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.

(Families can also find our Student Illness Policy under our Resources drop-down menu.)