Stay Connected during Social Distancing

Dear Families,
 In the upcoming days of social and educational seperation from our beloved community members, we are trying to maintain communication in as many ways as possible.  Social media can be an important part of sharing information, news, educational websites and on occasion through Facebook live, visits from our teachers and staff. For example, the other evening The Zwang family did a wonderful and fun read aloud on the Castlewood PTA facebook page through Facebook Live. Tomorrow evening (Saturday) Mr. Bogart will be presenting something at 7pm.
We would love to see as many of our families as possible be able to be a part of these social media events.  Our administrators, teachers and staff already miss our children, this is yet another vehicle that can help us stay connected as a community.
If you don’t already have a facebook page, please do create one….even if it is to simply “friend” or “follow” the Castlewood PS186 PTA page.   We are sure the children will be excited to see and interact with their favorite Castlewood staffers live….even if it’s only on a screen!
We have sent Melanie Ingegno a tremendous number of websites and information that will be posted on the Castlewood page for all to see and use as needed. Please feel free to share the information you find there with friends and family. In these uncertain days, we all have to work together and share what we can.
As always, although we may not be in our physical building, we are never far away.  Our teachers, service providers, staff and administrators can be reached via email or google classroom (teachers), and I can also be reached via google voice. The number is (631)867-2293.
Please stay safe and healthy and in lieu of the hugs we would all like to send the children……give them an elbow bump from all of us here at Castlewood!
Michele Rowe, Parent Coordinator