RFA Lingo

As a recognized Respect for All school, there is a lot that we do to create and encourage supportive attitudes and actions from all of the members of our Below please find a list and a brief explanation of just some of the Respect for All lingo and strategies we use in our daily practice.


The Kindness Cone is a special place available to all students at recess. If a student is at recess and has no one to play with, he/she can go to The Kindness Cone. There, he/she will find a bin of goodies including jump ropes, scoops & balls, and some non-equipment games. Usually, you’ll find a group game of jump rope or helicopter that anyone is welcome to join!


Put-up vs. Put-down

At Castlewood, we know that there is always a way to say something a little nicer. Instead of speaking rudely or shouting, instead of using words that can hurt or make people feel sad, we seek to say things in a way that will make others feel good. We use the terms put-up and put-down to decipher the two, and always encourage using PUT-UPS!

Put-down: words or actions that hurt someone’s feelings, bring others down, and/or make others feel sad

Put-up: words or actions that help someone’s feelings, build others up, and/or make others feel happy. We should each try to make sure the words we use are put-ups. There is always a way to say something a little nicer.



Upstander = someone who sees a bullying situation taking place and takes an action to stop it. We believe that by choosing to do nothing, you actually do something (by allowing the bullying to continue. Upstanders have the power to STAND UP to bullying and stop it! There are four suggested ways to be an upstander: (1) Be a buddy, (2) Interrupt, (3) Speak out, (4) Tell someone. For a better description of each strategy, please refer to the handout/video on our main RFA page.



  1. Be a buddy – Show the bully that the target has a friend
  2. Interrupt – “Hey. Do you want to…”
  3. Speak out – “That’s mean! STOP!”
  4. Tell someone – Report to an adult                        




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