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If you are a parent that fears summertime boredom and learning loss for your child(ren), this information compiled by Mrs. Zwang is a MUST SEE: Summer Activities Parent Workshop

It includes great ideas for keeping your children occupied, happy, and thinking over the summer!



School District 26 has a website with important information and valuable parent and community resources!   Check it out here…




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Spelling Game   StarfallGame   National Geographic for Kids   Nutrition-Dole 5 A Day   Apple Site  NY_Apples


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Explore New York  New York State  NYSAssembly for Kids  Colonialism for Kids  Native Americans  Native American Photos  Native American Tribe Chart  Animals  Dictionary Games


Oceanography  Biomes of the World
PlanetOcean  Ellis Island  Images of Ellis Island  History of New York  United States History  DNA Applications  Math Facts


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