Kindness Committee’s STAND UP Game had Students LOL at Recess!

KC Members Masadah, Neha, Matthew, Katherine, and Malcolm have been working during their recess for the past three weeks to create STAND UP!, a new indoor recess game!

This game was to give students a laugh while discovering silly things students have in common with one another.

KC members took turns shouting out silly things, like “Stand up if you ever cried during a Pixar movie!” or “Stand up if you ever picked your nose!” Students who identified with the topic stood up and had a n opportunity to make a connection with everyone else who was willing to admit to the act.

A ton of fun was had by all! Thanks for your hard work, members! You found a fun way to bring our community together in honor of Respect for All Week!


This is ME Day at Castlewood

This is Me Day was a huge success! Check-out these awesome shirts proudly made and worn by students of PS 186 and P 224!

What a great way to celebrate our individuality and learn more about each other.


THIS IS ME Day at Castlewood is Monday, Feb. 12th!

THIS IS ME DAY is a Kindness Committee spirit day.

It is a kick-off to Respect for All Week AND day to celebrate our differences and unique qualities!

To participate, make a shirt that tells about who you are. You can include your hobbies, talents, interests, background… whatever YOU choose! Wear your shirt to school on Monday, Feb. 12th.

On this day, make time to read other people’s shirts so that you can learn more about them, and let them read your shirt so that they can learn more about you! You may even find you have something in common with someone in your class, or grade, or bus that you don’t really talk to. When you get to know someone on the inside, you care less about what he/she may look like on the outside.

 No matter what we look like, we should be proud to say, This is ME!

There isn’t anyone else in this whole world that is exactly like you, and that is awesome.

KC members will perform the song “This is Me” in the auditorium during morning announcements. We can’t wait!


To see what else the Kindness Committee has planned for this year’s RFA Week, click here!

Gently Used Toy Drive at Castlewood

Castlewood’s PTA & Kindness Committee have joined together in KINDNESS for the holiday season!

Monday Dec. 11th – Friday Dec. 15th

Please donate to help us reach our goal of 400+ gently used toys!

Plastic toys ONLY.

Please include working batteries, if required for use.

Place all small parts in a plastic bag and attach to the toy with tape.

We are also looking for NEW battery donations!

Bring your donations from 8:00AM-12:00PM and place in the lobby near the Unity Tree.

Parent Volunteers Make Mornings Easier for All!

A big THANK YOU to the parents that volunteered for the month of November to assist with morning drop-off. Your help has created a world of difference in front of the school every day. The flow of traffic is moving far more quickly and our children (even pre-K!!) are becoming increasingly independent while walking into the building on their own!

We are grateful to Steve Trautlein, Rozena Raja, Garrett Elias, Deborah Kinzer, Tiffany Morales, and Ramona Perez for their tremendous support!

If you are interested in volunteering for future morning drop-off duty, please see Michele Rowe. 

Multi-Cultural Day

Castlewood’s Multi-Cultural Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 22nd. Celebrations will vary by classroom. We look forward to learning about everyone’s cultures, customs, and traditions!

Scavenger Hunt Tonight!

Join us for a fun evening of searching for the answers to clues about our school!

October 12th

 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

 School Auditorium

Parents who have a fit bit are encouraged to wear them, the parent who takes the most steps will win a Castlewood t-shirt.

Wear a BLUE SHIRT on Monday for World Day of Bullying Prevention

Castlewood’s Student Council, and The Kindness Committee prepare for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month!

Wear a BLUE SHIRT on Monday, October 2nd to show support of student council and our school’s efforts to prevent bullying situations!

October’s bully prevention efforts will include the launch of the Buddy Bench (Castle Playground) & Kindness Cone (Yard Playground), A UNITY Day ceremony on October 25th, opportunities to create No Teasing Zone posters for the cafeteria, a read aloud from The Kindness Committee’s favorite author Maria Dismondy, and the start of the 2017-18 Student Kindness Committee. We can’t wait for October at Castlewood!