Join Us for Career Day at Castlewood!

Our “Career Day” event is scheduled for May 7th, from 9:00am until 12:00pm.   We are very interested in volunteers willing to come to school and talk to the children about the jobs they do.

Please feel free to reach out to your extended family members and friends to join us.  We are looking for people employed in all types of jobs or careers from accountants, chefs, bakers, city workers, military personnel, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, nurses, politicians, and everything in between.   WE NEED YOU!

   Career Day 2019 Volunteer Form


Return to:  Michele Rowe / Tiffany Cruz

Parent Name:__________________________Child’s Name:_____________________

Class:______         Phone #:____________________________________


_____I am available on 5/10 from______to______(time)


I prefer to speak to ______younger children _______older children _______All


Name of volunteer speaker and job title:_______________________________________