College and Career Readiness


JANUARY 27, 2016

The aim of College Awareness Day is to continue the college conversation within all of our schools, and help students and families understand that their dream of college is attainable and need not be compromised by financial considerations, geographical barriers, or other obstacles. It is critical that we understand that college preparation begins as early as pre-kindergarten and that our students’ dreams to matriculate into college are possible. It is important to celebrate students’ unique interests and strengths to develop self-confidence that will lead them towards a path of college readiness. Helping our youngest students see that college is possible for them begins with raising greater awareness of what college is and why it matters.

~Carmen Farina

Even though College Awareness Day has passed, there are many ways to support your child in his/her college and career readiness year round. 

Check out this Parent Guidebook to get started!