Technology at Castlewood is a very progressive, child-centered study from kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal is to provide each child with the basic skill of how to utilize the computer as a sophisticated communication and research tool that will help to support his or her continued academic activities.



The Arts


Art at PS 186Q we follow a balanced arts program that aligns with the Blueprint for the Arts. Our visual arts program introduces mentor artists and studies their work to teach elements of art and principles of design. Students are exposed to various media and interdisciplinary approaches. Examples of student work are displayed throughout the school building all year long.



Castlewood offers a comprehensive music program aligned with the National Standards for Arts Education, the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts, and the NYC Blueprint for the Arts.  All students at Castlewood participate in Core Music classes (formerly known as General Music) where lessons are designed to actively involve students of all learning modalities, interests, and abilities.   Music activities include many opportunities for students to sing, play instruments, move to music, listen and analyze, learn musical notation, create, and perform.  Also, in addition to core music classes, Castlewood offers a variety of in-school and after-school ensembles and enrichment opportunities.  

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*This page was created by Mr. Zwang for the purpose of providing the students and families at P.S. 186 with the latest information and news about their school music program.  Also, visitors can use the resources and links to further their musical knowledge, skills, and interests.


In our theater arts/drama program, students learn the value of literary, oral and cultural traditions. They learn to express themselves and develop empathy for their own and other’s situations. Our theater program develops confident learners who are better prepared to participate as contributing members of the community.


Castlewood students are also offered opportunities to work within our STEM and Genius Hour Programs!


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and research shows that a STEM education provides students with the advanced thinking skills they will need to be successful in our rapidly advancing society. Whether we are building catapults, studying local birds and building birdfeeders that can accommodate their beaks, or designing economically efficient and safe boats, your children will be putting their math and science skills to use in a fun way that helps them to make real-world connections.

STEM is a great opportunity for students to learn to work as part of a team, so most of their projects will require discussion and collaborative effort. Team-building activities paired with inquiry and open-ended questions will provide students with opportunities to think like scientists and engineers, and to take risks in their thinking, go back and modify, and learn from their mistakes.



Genius Hour is a program based on the premise that if children are given 1 hour a week to work on something that they truly love, they will be reading and writing well above their reading level! The only catch with Genius Hour is that students must create questions that are research based and in the end have some sort of product or presentation representing the work they have completed.

Through Genius Hour, students not only gain knowledge in research, but also skills in giving and receiving criticism, recognizing that failures are not the end but rather the beginning, and public speaking. Through choice, students begin to feel a new excitement for learning and that excitement becomes contagious! Ask your children participating in Genius Hour about their projects and feel free to get involved!