A Note From Dr. Haidary

Dear Parents,

Some recent events and discussions have prompted the Castlewood Staff to share information and thoughts on the internet usage of our students.

Many children are spending a large portion of their time on iPads, Kindles, iPhones and home computers watching videos on YouTube or even creating and uploading their own.  This technology is part of their everyday lives, mostly for the better but sometimes for the worse. The internet as a medium promotes communication and socialization, but often without restraint. Oftentimes, children don’t realize that there are real-life consequences for poor online choices. Some videos may appear to be kid-friendly because the characters are puppets and dolls.  However, the videos contain a great deal of explicit language and subject matter that is offensive.  We have seen some children repeat the words and actions of this character in school.

Furthermore, many children have their own YouTube accounts and uploaded videos.  While many of these are harmless, it is important to realize that a part of their/your personal lives are now becoming viewable for anyone to see.  Additionally, negative thoughts about others that could have been kept private can now be broadcasted to a wide audience without thought of consequence to others’ feelings or the backlash that may come from it.  Even if a video is “taken down” it may have already been copied and spread to many others.

Please make sure to monitor your child’s internet usage.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for how to help educate and empower parents to proactively supervise their children’s online activities and to help keep children safe when using the internet.   If you have an expertise in this area and would like to share your knowledge with the Castlewood community, please contact Dr. Haidary.


Thank you in advance,

The Castlewood Community